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Education for everyone

The National Archives’ schools programme offers students a unique experience of history. Each year around 10,000 students take part in inspiring taught sessions which support the National Curriculum and cover a wide of topics including Black Victorians, significant women throughout history, Tudor rebellions and LGBTQ+ lives in the 1920s and 30s.

Using original documents can teach young people how to analyse sources, understand interpretation and make a strong argument through evidence. Sessions with archival records also offer students opportunities to develop creative skills through literary or artistic responses.

The Trust aims to support an increase in learning programmes which use evidence-based sources to spark a passion for history in young people. Initiatives include new programmes for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities students, the creation of a bursary fund and educational partnerships with regional archives.

“The students loved being trusted to engage with the documents. They couldn’t quite believe they were handling the ‘real’ thing, and were positively buzzing afterwards. It also really supported their learning.” (Year 11 teacher, Haringey)